To Whom It May Concern,

There are many benefits to using a REALTOR® when buying a new home. All REALTORS® must conform to the Code of Ethics established by the National Association of REALTORS®, so buyers can feel confident that their real estate agent is trustworthy.

Many people don't realize that new home's sales agents represent the builder and not the buyer. However, when a buyer is represented by a REALTOR®, our primary responsibility is to our client. We will seek the best deal possible for our clients and then help them out with financing packages and other home-buying details.

You should be aware of one very important issue if you choose to sign ANY guest registration form including ones found online at the builders website. You will be signing away your right to representation if you desire to go to contract, therefore, it is imperative that you take your REALTOR® with you on your first visit to the models.

REALTORS® usually have an overall knowledge of the new home subdivisions throughout the Vegas Valley, and also know the characteristics and reputations of the many builders that build in the Las Vegas area.

Once a buyer decides to buy a home, many REALTORS® will assist their client in selecting home decorative features like carpeting, tile, cabinetry, as well as advise them on upgrades and lot sizes. Walk-throughs are also an important aspect when buying a home and a REALTOR® has a trained eye.

Buyers often do not know what to look for when they do their walk-through, but we comb every nook and cranny for builder's defects. It is important to list the flaws during your walk-through immediately, or the builder may be able to deny responsibility later on.

Having a REALTOR® walk you through the home-buying process will ease the process considerably.


Diane McMahon, CRP, GMS, ABR, SRES